Automatic Backup Power for your home and family

Power outages happen so make sure they don't last more than a few minutes

Electrical power failure can be a major inconvenience in the short term and disasterous in the long term.  Reliable electric power for home heating, refrigeration, hot water, lighting, or home medical equipment is something we often take for granted until it is no longer available.  Backup generators can be configured to provide continued power to essential systems or whole house power, so that all of your conveniences continue to function normally.

Systems in Kohler Power's residential product line are designed to help you provide for your family's safety and comfort during extended power outages.  These systems are about the size of a central air conditioning unit and similar in appearance.  Unlike portable generators, these units use natural or LP gas as a fuel source and do not require refueling.

Residential systems also feature an automatic transfer switch which will continually monitor utility power and start the generator whenever an outage occurs.  When utility power is restored, the generator will be shut off the power supply restored to your public utility connection.

Pacific Power Generation offers a full line of Kohler residential systems from 8.5 kW to 100kW. If you need any assistance in selecting a system, a Pacific Power Generation sales representative will be happy to assist you in assessing your needs and recommend a product best suited for your situation.  Pacific Power Generation's Service Department can also provide professional installation and maintenance of your generator system.  Contact us for more information on the security and convenience of Kohler Residential Power Systems.

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